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“He awoke to the smell of smoke in his unit. He investigated and determined the fire was in the unit below him. He called 911 and when firefighters arrived, he pointed out the involved apartment.” Damage from the fire was limited to the wall and contents within the room, with an estimated damage and property loss such a good point of $20,000. The cause of the fire, which was contained to the one bedroom, is still under investigation. The unit was equipped with smoke detectors, though they melted from the heat produced by the fire. Fire officials remind residents to make sure they have a working smoke detector in each room and hallways of your residence. Residents are also advised to turn off their heaters if they are not going to be home. SANTA MARIA — The Santa Maria Police Department is investigating an alleged robbery or embezzlement that took place on Friday morning. According to authorities, police received a witness report from a KFC located in the 2200 block of Broadway, though police said the alleged crime did not occur at that location.